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© 2002 Clément Bourdarias

liborphy: Orphy data acquisition library for GNU/Linux

Orphy GTS is a data acquisition hardware from Micrelec that is used in many french high schools.

It's basically a box with analog and digital inputs/output channels, linked to the computer with a serial port. It's mainly used in Physics experimental manipulation, for instance to mesure the tension during a capacitor charging and discharging in a self (electric oscillations).

liborphy is a library that provides functions for easy access to an Orphy (currently, only Orphy GTS model) hardware. It is written in C and distributed under the terms of the GNU LGPL license.


Already working :
  • full dialog with OrphyGTS (all commands can be sent)
  • functions for doing acquisition on one or more analogic input channels simultaneously easily
  • OrphyGTS Text mode and Quick mode are supported
Feature not yet implemented :
  • Easy use of OrphyGTS Programmed mode
  • Easy use of "Logic" input channels and output channels
  • Easy use of Analogic output channels
  • Support for other Orphy products (Orphy GTI ?...)