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© 2002 Clément Bourdarias

gTipi FAQ (updated on May, 23rd 2002)

Some questions that could be frequently asked about liborphy and gTipi:

Q: How to contact you ?
A: Send me your mails to:

Q: What is the state of these projects ?
A: liborphy and gTipi are very young. I just started writing liborphy at the beginning of February, 2002. However, it is already usable and works well. gTipi is even more younger and lacks of important features.

Q: Does it work with other Orphy hardware products (like GTI) ?
A: I have absolutely _no_ idea. I don't have documentation or hardware to make tests.
Feel free to contribute if you own a such hardware. Indeed, the goal of liborphy is to support a maximum of Orphy products.

Q: When will it be usable in high schools ?
A: I hope it will be ready somewhere between january, 2003 and september, 2003.

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