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"Free as in Freedom, Free as in Priceless"

Welcome to the home page of Piga Software: we are a cooperative of programmers developing free software for GNU/Linux and occasionally other systems, with a particular emphasis on game development. Our software is released under the GNU General Public License version 3, though some individual files within projects might be under other copyleft licenses and are listed in project copyright disclaimers. Some content from our games by MWM may also be available under the GFDL and CC BY-SA on their wiki database.

Although we have used Visual Basic 6, QBasic, Game Maker and even ZZT-oop, most current projects are built in Gambas - a free software BASIC-style OOP programming language consisting of an integrated development environment and run-time inspired by Visual Basic and Java that is well suited to rapid application development. Our particular areas of interest are strategy, adventure and platformers, first-person games and interactive narrative, often with a sense of humour; though we work on whatever suits us at the time, and some projects are developed for a specific use case, as well as general use applications.

More details on who we are and what we do can be found at PigaLore, the Piga Software Wiki, and questions may be asked at the Gambas Guru Forums (currently on hiatus).

August 12, 2014: Piga Software is now ten years old!


All Piga related files may be downloaded from our file server.

Latest Release: Piga's Santa Drop Down 2.0.0

  1. Donut Quest is a top-down action scroller for Microsoft Windows (or Wine) set in the Brogo web comic universe staring Ed Donut. (1.00)
  2. PigaVision is a free software tool for using the television out ports of video cards. It functions as a front-end interface for the XRandR and Xvattr applications. (1.2.0)
  3. Piga's Pumpkin Carving is a small amusment program that allows people to carve virtual Halloween jack-o'-lanterns. (2.5.5)
  4. Alexei: Part IX is a comedic free software point-and-click adventure game starring master thief Alexei Volkov, inspired by the early work of Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw. (1.2.8)
  5. Windys is a free software retro-styled action platformer featuring terminal-inspired multimedia and restaurant dark humour. (1.5.0)
  6. Piga's Thanksgiving Dinner Hunt is a small amusement program where the player catches turkeys for Thanksgiving dinner. (1.5.0)
  7. Piga's Santa Drop Down is a Christmas-themed arcade game where the player controls Santa Claus as he gives coal to the naughty and gifts to the nice. (2.0.0)
  8. Piga's New Years Dodge 'Em is a New Years-themed endurance game where the player guides a hot air balloon away from fireworks whilst conserving fuel. (1.2.0)
  9. Over the Top is an arcade game demonstrating the carnage of the trench warfare of the Western Front during the First World War. (1.2.0)
  10. Soul Capture is a utility that captures both the video and audio playback of OpenGL applications such as games; created in Gambas and working as a front-end for the glc capture program. ffmpeg is also required for encoding. (2.0.0)
  11. Gambas Examples is a collection of code and some programs to help the aspring Gambas programmer, specifically game developers.


The following is only those projects Piga is willing to disclose at this time; we are more likely not to announce things until they are mostly done or are important enough to warrant pre-release publicity. Those that are listed are noted strictly that they will only be done when they are done and we have no committed release dates. Anyone who wishes to contribute is, however, encouraged to offer their services.


  1. Gambas Genie (PigaLore) is a project to create a free software real-time strategy game engine primarily inspired by Ensemble Studios' Genie Engine, but also taking in ideas from other engines and games. It was most recently showcased in the form of the Lamp Refugee technical demo (Source Release 2).
  2. Free Empires (PigaLore) is a project to build a historical real-time strategy game base ala Age of Empires and Age of Empires II on top of Gambas Genie. It is on hold whilst the engine develops. (Source Release 2)
  3. PS Tech is a project to write a first-person 3D engine in Gambas with OpenGL 2.1 (early alpha).
  4. Gambas Platform Engine is a free software platform game engine written in Gambas. It was first used in Windys, and a new version with an expanded array of features is under current development.
  5. Piga Animator is a project to create a 2D animation tool based on the machinimatic automation of tasks through set key-frame templates, overlays, digital puppetry and the implementation of procedural elements, such as a basic physics system.


  1. Alexei: Part XIII is a project to create a sequel Alexei: Part IX which will feature a revamped version of the Gambas Adventure Engine, with more advanced object interaction, a more modular design, cleaner code and interface, as well as features such as fully animated cutscenes. (Preview Release)
  2. Gambas Projection Engine is a 2.5D game engine project that provides grid-based simulated three dimensional spaces ala Dungeon Master, as well as more experimental pseudo-3D effects such as graphical scaling.
  3. Piga Nation is a project to create a strategy and simulation game based on drafting policy and making decisions from the seat of power, rather than micromanaging individual workers, troops, machines and buildings.
  4. Childish Cannoneer is to feature a little boy building a makeshift air cannon from spare parts, only to terrorize his older sister and potentially the whole neighbourhood. Started as part of the "Indie Games" project hosted by what is now Gambas Guru. (Source Release 2)
  5. Piga Brain is a research project that attempts to create to a mock artificial personality ala science fiction.

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